Correction of the work (Law)

The improvement of works from the law is undoubtedly a complex topic. For the student, it is not easy to choose the subject that will be implemented in his master thesis, it may be constitutional law, additionally narrowed to a narrow issue, which will be presented in a given master’s thesis.

Every law correction must be based on current sources, and knowledge of law, as well as laws and regulations are constantly changing. Therefore, during the master’s thesis correction from the law, it is necessary to reach reliable data. For example, the improvement of works under constitutional law must include citations from the literature on the subject, among which the Constitution is mentioned, acts, ratified international agreements, as well as regulations with the force of laws and acts of local law. Therefore, the correction of works from the law requires not only knowledge of the issues but also the knowledge of the methods of placing quotes, as well as the creation of footnotes.

Correction of works from the law often results from reaching for obsolete sources, therefore the work is not compatible with the legal status, and thus is incorrect. In this way, virtually all work will be improved, where all legal acts should be verified and then corrected. Therefore, the master’s thesis must be based on certain databases, known not only to the person who writes the work, but also to the person who makes the correction. The improvement of works must use databases available on the Internet, for example in the Internet System of Legal Acts and in other publications of official publications. When adjusting works, however, you should remember the superior sources of law and refer to them. While the Internet System of Legal Acts is the basis of auxiliary and informational materials, it is not a source of law.

Correction of works allows the use and copying of materials in the database in the case where the source of origin will be marked. Therefore, the improvement of the work of constitutional law, which uses the Internet System of Legal Acts, with the proper marking of the fragment used, this database will be a reliable source, but without the creation of a footnote, the available materials will not be used in a manner consistent with the intended use, then such a correction the work is faulty.

In correcting the work, it is important to correctly provide the source, footnotes are a necessary condition for using content that originates from another author, however their form may vary depending on the requirements of the promoter, faculty or university, therefore it is worth seeking help when creating them, so that they do not to make mistakes in the corrected work, which will make the entire work correction incompatible with the legal requirements.